Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pumpkins and more

I did buy a rug for my living room... It might end up in my guest room... I just love the colors... :)

These pumpkins I make for myself and friends of mine... They were so easy and smell wonderful... When you put the poly beads in the bottom you add cloves, and with the cinnamon stick for the stem, it makes the pumpkins smell like the holidays... :)

I was licking my lips and Cali would copy me... But she left her tong out ... She is just too funny... Hope you all enjoyed my post... Hugs and stitches  :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Needlepoint and Counted Cross Stitch

This is the counted cross stitch I made for Katy's 30th birthday... She lives on Cape Cod, MA and we became great friends... She loved it and I had to wait to post this because they celebrate her birthday this pass Saturday.... Enjoy Miss Katy  :)

I did this needlepoint for me and it was finished some time ago... It is suppose to be made into a pillow... I could not find the fabric I wanted so, I decided to have it framed... It is just as well because I have two cats and I do not want cat hair on it... I worked hard on it and it is my first finished needlepoint... I am happy with the results... Hugs  :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wyatt's Quilt and Bowl

My friend Barbara is going to be a Great-Grandma... Her Granddaughter is going to have a baby boy in December.... She bought the little blanket above and wanted the baby's name put on it... I have a embroidery on my sewing machine so I embroidered his name on it for her .... :)

Barbara saw this exact quilt in my quilt book for baby's ...After a few searches we found the fabric in the pattern that was in the book... I told her she was lucky to find the exact print... The top picture is after I quilted and the bottom one is the completed quilt... Her Granddaughter lives on a farm in Colorado and wanted this cowboy fabric... She is so happy the way it turned out...If you click on the pictures you can see the print better..... :)

This fabric bowl I made today... I have always wanted to make one... I had sewed the fabric on the close line a few years ago and I am just getting around to making this.... I am going to make another one because I have more line with fabric on it ... I enjoyed making this... Hugs  :)


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Problems with the House I Bought

I bought my house in April 2114... In November I had to replace the heating system... :(  Then as you see in the pictures above shingles started sliding on my roof... The roof is only 2 years old, so I had to hire someone to fix the roof.... They said that who ever put the roof on nailed the shingles very close to the end of the the heat made them heavy and slid down.... UGG  :(

Then at the end of May I had to replace my air conditioner ... This is the new one I had put in... If that is not enough, last month my oven would not work... It is a gas oven and I thought home inspection was suppose of see all these things before I bought the house... So, to say the last 16 months I have had enough problems... Thank God I have my health... My savings keeps going dry...  And I thought things happen in threes ... But, my chin is up and I hope and pray all goes much better from here on out.... :)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

My trip to Myrtle Beach

Hi Everyone... I have been absent for a few months.... I am sorry for not posting sooner but, here are a few things that I have been up to...I hope you enjoy this post... My sister remind me that I need to put something on my blog... Enjoy :)

I went to Myrtle Beach in S.C. with my friend Barbara.... What a great week, I am ready to get to the beach... This picture of me is on the patio of our room... great weather... :)

Yes, those are my legs... Someone told me they look like hot dogs... REALLY  :)

This is Barbara and she ready to hit the beach as well...:)

The view and weather was great... The water was also great..:)

We did take a trip on this Casino ship... No, we did not win but, we enjoyed the entertainment on the upper deck... :)

We also enjoyed the view out on the front deck as we were sailing out to sea....  :)

This was the upper deck where there was entertainment... The guy singing had a wonderful voice, he was great entertainment...  Hugs :)