Monday, December 28, 2009

Celtic Twist

This table topper I made is called "Celtic Twist" that I made for my niece and her husband for Christmas.... I got this pattern out of  McCall's Quilt  book that I recieve every other month.... They are Irish and I  pull the color's from their livingroom... The materials are batiks.... They were thrilled to recieve it... The second picture is the label I had put on it.... :)

Pin Cushion and Thread Catcher

I had made these 8 Pin Cushion and Thread Catcher's for my quilting friends and for my sister for Christmas.... There is so many pictures that I wanted you to see all the diffrent ones I made.... I even kept one for myself .... These were given to my quilting friends on the Cape, Lynn, Susan, Robyn, Judy, Katy, and Ruth....I also filled them with some sewing notions and fat quarters..... I know they all loved them...I had to wait till after Christmas to post them.... The label that I made is from a stamp I had made for a group who swap a signature block.... The blocks are called Siggy Blocks .... On the block we needed our state, town, name, year on it, also USA ... I also included the state flower (wood violet) and where the heart is, that is the town where I live.... Carol made this stamp and put my own signature on it... :)

Braeden's First Christmas

Braeden is wearing his santa hat that say "Baby's 1st Christmas" on it... His Grandma had bought it for him to wear on Christmas... It had fit so well.... Breaden is 3 months old, Santa and family gave him so many toy's that his toy box is almost full..... His toy box was new this year.... Above is a "Brainy Baby Ball" that I had made for Breaden.... The blue fabric has diffrent colored sneakers and the yellow is all kinds of monsters in sneaker's .... The ball is made out of 12 wedges and I enjoyed in making this.....It is soft and easy for Braeden to grab.......  :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish everyone in BLOG LAND a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.... I hope that everyone gets what they wanted for Christmas and that they are Thankful for being around there love ones...Thanks to everyone who has veiw and left comments on my blog... It is great to hear back on the things that I made... I am Greatful... Lets have a Great 2010... :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Christmas Stocking

I made this Christmas stocking for myself... It is counted cross sticth.. I finished in 2004... The back material is velvet and trimed in velvet... The linening is Christmas plaid .... It was a challange for me... I collected bears so, this is why I chose this pattern.... I wanted to share this with you all as well.... :)

Christmas Stocking

This is a stocking I made in 1984  for my neice.... She is also my Godchild... I wanted her to have the biggest stocking... I crocheted it in blocks... The blocks are granny squares....My sister now uses it for decorations....I just wanted to share this with you all.... :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A New Blog

Hi everyone I wanted to let you all know there is a new blogger out there... Thay are friends of mine from the Cape... Their blog address is  Go there and check out their blog......Now, I know three bloggers that I have met...... Welcome to Ruth and Katy..... :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is a Afghan that I crocheted for my son... It will fit his queen size bed... My son is into black, so I though this would be great in his room... The afghan is folded in third's, so you do not see the whole blanket in the picture... Gizmo is peeking on the right side to see what I am doing... I am so glad this is done... It is a "just because I love him" gift.... :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

"A Giveaway"

I have just found this blog:  and It has some beautiful things Judith  makes... She is also having a giveaway of  "A Beautiful Cross Stitched Angel" The blog you can get to by clicking on the web site at the top.... Her blog name is  "Smokey from the Netherlands"... I sure hope I win this giveaway because I have never won one... Wish me luck..... Thanks Judith for a great giveqway ....... :)

"A Christmas Wish"

This lap quilt is called "A Christmas Wish".... It is a pattern that Gail Pan had on her blog... It is a free block of the month... I made this to give to my Aunt and Uncle for always being there for me... I embroidered the white squares and if you click on the picture you can see the snowflakes on the white material....It was fun to make and I machine quilted this lap quilt.... Thanks Gail Pan for the great block of the month project... It is beautiful and fun project .... :)


This is the label that I made to put on my Aunt and Uncle's lap quilt.... :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Pillow

This is a Christmas Pillow that I made... The Red Work is a pattern I uploaded that Gail Pan had on her blog.... It was a free pattern, I just love free patterns .... Gail made a wall hagging out of this and I wanted to make a pillow out of it... It cane out real great... I am not sure if I will be sending this to one of my friends for Christmas.... This was a fun and easy project... I am getting into the embroidery and loving it..... :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sojourner Truth House Stockings

These stockings are for the Sojourner Truth House of Milwaukee .... I had made 10 to donate...We  (The Northshore Quilters Guild) will stuff them with donated travel size toiletries....Their mission is:

" Sojourner Truth House, is a ministry of hope for homeless and at-risk women and their children. Through advocacy, the hospitality of the day center and integrative services, participants can improve their quality of life and that of the community. Sojourner Truth House is a ministry of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ."

You can go to their link to see more about this House at  The NSG  donated 106 last year and in hopes to do more this year.... What a great feelling to do this for them... I enjoy doing for others in need... I hope your Guild is doing something great for the ones that need it... :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jacob"s Pillowcases

The two pictures are pillowcases that I made for my Grandson... I made two, one for his Mom's house and one for his Dad's house... You can click on the picture to see the picture on his label that I made....I got this material while I went on our Shop Hop with my friends on the Cape.... :)

You can see the label that I put on the pillow case... If you click on the picture you can see it better... I put a label on both of them and they both say the same... :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Verandha Views

When I would sit and watch TV I would work on hand work.... This embroidery was a design by Cheryl Gross.... It is called "Veranda Views" .... It was a 10 month free sticthery BOM.... You can go to Cheryl's blog at "Willowberry Designs".... Now that I have 3 projects of embroidery done I need to get busy and work on putting them all together.... I am not sure who will get this one... but, I am sure I will find a good home for it....Thanks to Cheryl for the BOM...It was a lot of fun to sticth.... If you click on the picture you can get a better view of the blocks.....I enjoyed in having hand work to do... :)

Christmas Embroidery

I finished this embroidery before I left on my vacation.... It is another free pattern that Gail Pan posted on her blog.... It is called "Merry Christmas".... I will be putting this into a pillow and again I will post it when I am done with project....Gail had posted it as a wall hanging....Gail Pan's blog is called "Gail Pan Designs" ... That is if you want to check out her blog... If you click on the picture you can see the snow flakes on the white material....This will be another Christmas gift... :)


While I was on vacation to CT and Cape Cod I worked on this embroidery.... This is Gail Pan's pattern called  "A Christmas Wish BOM"..... Now I will be putting it all together to give as a Christmas gift for my Aunt and Uncle.... I will post it when I have this completed.... It was a great project to take with me on the airplane and to do while I was visiting... I enjoyed the embroidery work and I plan on doing more... Thanks to Gail for posting this project......Again, if you click on the picture you can see the snow flakes on the white material that I used....  :)


Lisa also dressed up the dogs.... Dublin (in pink) was a "Cheerleader" and Frankie was dressed up as a "Purple Mouse" , He would not keep the head piece on and it was cute with the ears and all....but, this was the best shot we were able to get  of them both together..... :)

Halloween 2009

On Halloween night Lisa dressed as "Tigger" and John was "Fat Bastard".... Of course Braeden was a "Football"..... They were so cute.... Debbie and I watched Braeden while the Trick or Treaters came....:)

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Friends House

My Special Friend lives here and she open her home to me.... I enjoyed my visit with her family, we had a lot of laughs and great times together.... I Thank them all from the bottom of my heart for letting me stay there.... Lynn also arranged to have our own shop hop the next day after I arrived...We met up with 5 other ladies and had a great time visiting 3 quilt shops I have never been ..... It was a lovely outing and lunch was so great and we laugh lots.....Thanks to Kattie and Ruth for driving all the silly ladies around to the shops... :)

My Visit on The Cape

As you all know I moved to WI in Sept. 2008 .... I lived on the Cape and made many friends there.... This picture and the ones below are some of the friends that I made... The group is SSS and they meet once a month .... They changed there date so I could see all the friends that I made.... Some of the ladies even got a chance to sew.... I went around the room and chatted with them all and I also did some hand sewing that I brought with me....The luncheon was special and I was a guest of honor.... We had so much to eat that I am sure not too many of us ate dinner after the feast we had.... It was great to get together with everyone and it felt like I never left.... There are a few more friends that I visited and did not get pictures.... It was great visiting them as well and  catch up with them.... I want to thank them all for taking time to visit and spend time with me.....We all picked up where we left off .... Thanks Ladies....There was a couple of ladies I did not get to see.... One was on Vacation and the other had company and could not get away..... Sorry, I miss you Peg and Vickie..... I love and Miss you all.... :)

We saw a Sea Gull that caught a crab for lunch while we were on our walk.... :)

This is another beach in Orleans.... We walked it because it was a beautiful day.... :)

This is Nauset Light House in Eastham ...... The ocean is near by and the Light House is a working one... :)

This is a view of the Chatam Beach.....:)

This is a Resturant and Hotel on the Cape called Chatam Bars Inn.... It is beautiful and located in Chatam... Accross the street they have a tennis court, Bar, Pool and the view and use of the ocean... :)

This upside down tree root that Annie's Crannies had made and made it into a bird bath... How cool is that... This was on the Cape as well..... :)

This is a Cranberry Bog in Dennis... Annie's Crannies on Cape Cod....The Cape is known for their Cranberry's, They are the longest lasting berry... They freeze  well..... What a beautiful day it was... :)

Cross Stich

This is a Cross Sticth I had made for Stacey ( Jacob's mom) in 2006... From a distance you can't tell if it is a cross stich or a drawing ... Stacey collects Marilyn Monrow.... It looks great over her fireplace.... I enjoyed doing this cross sticth.... Ist was amazing to see it come to life when you sticth this... It is all shades of browns and creams.....I posted this picture for those who did not get to see it..... :)

Jacob and Kaycee

This is a picture of my Grandson and his sister.... He loves her lots, and when I was visiting Jacob was reading a book... Jacob was using a drum stick for a book mark and I made sure before I left that I bought both of them a book marker..... They both were happy with the choices I made.... As well as the money I gave them both...Kaycee is a freshman and Jacob is in the 2nd grade....They are two happy children... I hope to get to see them next summer, this way I can take them to the zoo and the museums.....:)

My Grandson and Son

I took a trip to CT to visit with my Son (Keith) and Grandson  (Jacob).... This is a picture of both of them with their dog Kiley.... My Grandson is turnning 7 this month...It was so great to see them both....Jacob was so happy to see me and he was so silly.... But, he sure let me know what he wanted for his birthday... I enjoyed my visit with both of them....:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Braeden New Sweater and Hat

Breaden has a new hat and sweater made by a friend of mine.... When I saw the hat on her blog, I asked her to make me a hat for Braeden... I was suprised when I open the package and saw the sweater as well.... I wish you could see the top of the hat, because it looks like a pumpkin with a stem and all.....It is a little big for him now and I am sure he will be wearing it next year... My neice said she wished it would fit her head so she can wear it....Thanks to my special friend (You know who you are) You out did yourself.... Miss ya, :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Red Work

I have finished quilting the Red Work quilt.... I hope you can see the quilting on it, if you can't, click on the picture to make it larger.... I hand quilted it except around the outside of the squares, I had machine stiched it in the ditch.... This is my first Red Work project, and it was fun to do...I just love to do hand work and now I am hooked in doing more.... There is one block that I made a mistake on but, you can't see it....And I did not discover until I was just about finished quilting it.... I will be giving this to my son, to have in his apartment for the winter... He wants to put it on his couch....I did say before that I was giving it to his girlfriend for Christmas but, they broke up... Oh, well such is life.... :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mini Fall Giveaway

 There is a Mini-Giveaway for the fall at Fabric Artist 21.... This is a new blog and you can read all about it at  .... So, head on over and check her blog... You will not be disapointed... :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Mini Mack " has arrived :)

As you all know, we have been calling my niece's baby "Mini Mack" when we found out she was carring a boy..... Well, on the 27th of September at 1:22pm Braeden Thomas McCarville has arrived..... He weighed 8lbs. and 14oz. and  he was 20 1/2" long.... Lisa and John and Braeden are all doing fine....The balloon above this picture was given to my sister at work when Lisa and John found out that they were going to have a boy.... He is such a beautiful baby.... It is a great feeling to become a Great Aunt, and to have a baby in the family.... Debbie and I are so proud of all three of them and Debbie is now a Grandma for the 1st time...Congraulations to all... :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

North Shore Quilters Guild

The first picture is some of the women who showed up for day 2 of the workshop.... There were more of us on the first day... We had at least 21 sewers......The second picture is of Dorine, she is the Guild member who organize the making and distributing of the  "Love and Comfort Quilt" .... Dorine was passing out candy to everyone in the afternoon..... What goes better with sewing  than chocolate when making quilts.... We had a two day workshop to put all these quilts together... When I left the workshop on the second day we had a count of 75 quilts completed...    Now for the folks who do not know what "Love and Comfort Quilt" are .... The North Shore Quilter's Guild is committed to making Quilt's to provide "Love and Comfort" for infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units of area hospitals... There are 7 hospitals on our list....:)

Love and Comfort Quilts

These are the Quilts that we made for the North Shore Quilters Guild... I have made the three on the bottom and my sister made the top one.... It is yellow, light blue and yellow... We put them together and quilted them on our machines and put a binding on.... These were donated for the children ( "Love and Comfort").....:)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Contest and Freebies

Go to this web site for Give Aways... There is more that one item that she gives away ... There are things for sewing, home use, and jewelery....You will just love it ..... Click here to get to the blog site..... Have a great day.... :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Gideon and Reggie

Just in case you forgot what Gideon and Reggie looks like here is a picture of the .... Gideon is the oldest and Reggie is younger... They look like the both came from the same litter but, they have different types of fur.... They are so sweet as well as love able... Gizmo is about the same age as Reggie ..... :)


Gizmo came to live with my sister and I about 3 1/2 weeks ago.... Gizmo belongs to my niece ..... She could not keep him at her house so we adopted him..... With Reggie and Gideon already here, it has been a few weeks of adjustment for them all to get along....... Check out the size of the paws and the size of Gizmo...... So much fur...... But, you can't help but love him.... :)

I just love his face.... Gizmo does not like to have his picture taken.... He would either blink or turn his head..... But, he is a very love able cat.....They are all getting along better and they all have their own spots in where they sleep..... Thanks for stopping at my blog and keep on quilting..... :)